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Since 1994 ASA Analytics has specialized in the manufacture of automatic chemical analysis systems for water and wastewater monitoring and control. ASA analyzers are used to detect nutrients, halogens, dissolved metals and optical parameters in water and wastewater. Our analyzers have been installed in municipal and industrial facilities throughout the world. Analyzers and automated analysis systems manufactured by ASA Analytics are sold under the ChemScan Process Analyzer brand name.

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A number of ChemScan installations success stories have been published in prominent Water and Wastewater trade magazines. Browse through our collection of articles and learn how the ChemScan analyzer is being used to monitor and optimize the water and wastewater treatment process. (chemscan installation articles)

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Wastewater Monitoring:
For municipal process and effluent monitoring. Standard wastewater paramerters include nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and ortho phosphate.

Water Monitoring:
For Chloramination and water quality parameters such as iron, manganese, nitrate, hardness, color, and organics.

ASA also offers the ChemScan mini for single-parameter, single-sample line analysis. Parameters include: Ortho Phosphate, UV254 Percent Transmittance, Ammonia, Manganese, Chlorine, Sulfite, Monochloramine and Free Ammonia.

municipal water quality

10/2016 - ASA Analytics has successfully Installed its ChemScan UV-3150 online analyzer at a Nestle S.A. manufacturing facility in the Philippines.  The analyzer is used for the food and beverage production effluent discharge control. View installation pictures.

4/2016 - Wei Zhang, our Asia Pacific and Canada Manager, will be presenting "Wastewater Chlorination Dechlorination Monitoring and Control - Pilot Demonstration at Clarkson and City of Guelph ON WWTPs" at the upcoming 2016 WEAO Conference (Water Environment Association Ontario, Canada) in Niagara Falls.

9/2015 - ASA Analytics introduced the ChemScan Alkalinity Analyzer at WEFTEC 15. The analyzer provides reliable chemical analysis for process control and optimization in multiple stream process monitoring and/or difficult or dirty samples. (ChemScan Alakalinity product brochure)


Don't be intimidated by the Chloramination Break Point Curve! Get a better understanding of the process and how to keep it under control. (Reduce taste and odor complaints). Presented by Scott Kahle, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development at ASA Analytics - makers of the ChemScan analyzer. Scott has installed over a hundred chloramination analyzers throughout the USA and Canada. Webinar presented 11/18/16.

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