Chloramination and nutrient monitoring
ChemScan®  Alkalinity Analyzer
The new ChemScan Alkalinity Analyzer from ASA Analytics provides consistent, reliable chemical analysis for process control and optimization in multiple stream process monitoring and/or difficult or dirty samples.

The ChemScan Alkalinity Analyzer is easy to operate and maintain with minimal training and provides continuous real-time online analysis enabling chemical composition measurement of liquid processes.


  • Fully automatic mode for routine monitoring of process streams
  • Integrated, field proven, filtration system
  • Communication Mod bus RS 232, Mod bus RS 485, Mod bus TCP/IP communication for down-loading calibrations, analysis and setup data (to printer or computer)
  • Digital input control for remote-control operation of analysis and calibration
  • Rugged design for long life under harsh operating conditions
  • Internal sample fast loop and rapid reaction electrodes provide fast analyzer response for efficient process control
  • Easy to operate with menu-driven selections
  • Modual design provides quick access and easy maintenance throughout


The ChemScan Alkalinity Analyzer can perform single or dual end-point titrations and is equipped with three detection methods (fixed, relative, and derivative endpoint) to ensure flexibility and accuracy. Analyses are fully automatic. Users can easily change the frequency of analysis and calibration, as well as most default values, to improve or customize a setup. Automatic calibration is user-selectable and configurable with calibration repeat and alarm limits. The analyzer also features a full auto-cleaning capability for reliability and reduced maintenance.


Water treatment plant samples from Raw Water after influent screening, Settled Water after influent screening, Settled Water after sedimentation basins, filtered water after mixed media and biological filter cells as well as finished water are possible in one analyzer. Titration for Partial or Total Alkalinity is available as well as Chloride + Sulfate to confirm Larson Ratios for Corrosion Control. We can also customize a system to do Conductivity, pH Temperature and Alkalinity to Calculate Langelier Index if you prefer.

Alkalinity Analyzer


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