Service Videos

Service Videos


Terminate analog wires on CIM
Terminate analog wires on EIE

Calibrate Menu

Retrieve internal data logs
Test zero
Adjust a calibration file
Calculate a calibration adjustment
Reload setup files (Autoload)
Test a calibration

Setup Menu

Change time and date
Change the zero interval
Change the analysis interval
Disable a parameter from analysis
Skip a parameter
Disable a sample line
Prime and test reagent injectors


Manually clean a flow cell
Change peristaltic pump tube
Change optic cable
Change flash lamp
Adjust the flash lamp
Change the backup battery
Install and test manifold valves
Change a cyclic filter
Clean and store cyclic filters
Install inserted (AT-Tank) cyclic filters
Test cyclic filter flow rate
Change a cross flow membrane filter
Clean and store cross flow membrane filters


Grab MODBUS from the analyzer
Use Hyper Term to grab RS-232 output
Use Hyper Term to grab data logs from mini UV254

ChemScan mini UV254

Use the cell factor adjustment on mini UV254
Calibrate for organics on mini UV254
Change a lamp on mini UV254
Initialize a UV254

Video's are also available for download in MPEG format